The AGÈNCIA VALENCIANA D’AVALUACIÓ I PROSPECTIVA bases its actions on the principles of independence, objectivity, excellence, and transparency, to which its added, through this commitment, those of technical and scientific competence, compliance with legal requirements and legal certainty in all its actions.

AVAP’s Management Committee expresses its commitment to quality, continuous improvement, compliance with customer, legal and regulatory requirements and the needs and expectations of the parties interested in the services of:

  • Evaluation of higher education.
  • Evaluation of innovation.
  • Evaluation of public services.
  • Foresight of higher education, innovation and public service systems.

Having this aim as a starting point, a Quality Management System has been developed to serve as a reference for the planification and establishment of quality strategies and objectives in line with the organisation’s purpose and context.

AVAP’s Quality Policy is established in accordance with the international standards set out in the “European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Higher Education” (ESG 2015). This policy and its strategies are consistent with AVAP’s mission, which is to stimulate excellence in Valencian systems of higher education, innovation and public services, through evaluation and foresight, in order to improve the society it serves.

AVAP’s Quality Policy, as described by the Management Committee, aims to achieve full customer and stakeholder satisfaction by meeting their expectations service after service.

AVAP’s Quality Policy, as described by the Management Committee, aims to achieve full customer and stakeholder satisfaction by meeting their expectations service after service.

For this reason, AVAP has embarked on a programme to improve the quality of its activities and influence its external stakeholders, whose basic principles, on which all the company’s actions must be based, are as follows:

  • The commitment to achieve and maintain high levels of satisfaction of our clients and interested parties, detecting their needs and taking into consideration their expectations in order to offer them a service that meets their requirements.
  • The commitment to comply with all the requirements, whether legal, contractual or of any other nature, that are applicable to us due to our activity, in such a way that our actions in no case may violate the legal requirements and specifications established by the different public entities.
  • The commitment to carry out our activities within a management environment that guarantees continuous improvement in the efficiency of our processes and in our relations with the interested parties, through the establishment and periodic review of our quality objectives.
  • The commitment to comply with all international criteria and guidelines of the different systems in which the Agency operates and, in particular, those relating to quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area.

The commitment to effectively control and manage all our Departments, with special emphasis on:

  • Customer service, internal and external, and the relationship with our stakeholders.
  • The organisation of activities.
  • Continuous communication with our staff.

This Quality Policy defines the frame of reference for the establishment of quality objectives to be set by Senior Management in accordance with the above.

It is the wish of the Management Committee that the Quality Policy statement be communicated to all interested parties and the Senior Management of L’AGÈNCIA is entrusted with ensuring its compliance as well as the provision of the necessary resources for its achievement. The review of the Quality Policy is carried out in the management reviews of the system.

Here you can download the Quality Policy PDF related to 2020:

AVAP’s Quality Policy

AVAP’s Code of Ethics (PDF 109 KB)

Process map of certified services