AVAP’s governing bodies are the President, the Management Committee and the General Director. AVAP also has an Advisory Council made up of national and international experts of recognised competence and professional prestige, whose appointment corresponds to the Management Committee, which is responsible for evaluating the functioning of the Agency itself and advising on its activity plans.


Carolina Pascual Villalobos. Consellera de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital. Her functions are:

  • To represent and govern AVAP in all its relations with public and private entities.
  • To convene, chair and moderate the sessions of the Management Committee, resolving any ties with a casting vote and, in general, in relation to the aforementioned body, the exercise of those generic functions attributed to the presidents of collegiate bodies in the Law on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector.
  • To issue resolutions on the execution of AVAP programmes.
  • The resolution of claims prior to civil or labour litigation.

The Steering Committee

The Management Committee is AVAP’s collegiate governing and supervisory body. Among other functions, the Management Committee is responsible for defining AVAP’s general guidelines and lines of action; approving the organisation’s annual activity plan; approving and submitting AVAP’s preliminary draft budget to the department responsible; approving the budget execution statements, annual report and accounts, as well as the staff, functional organisation and remuneration system for all AVAP staff, within legal and budgetary limitations.

The Management Committee is made up of:

  • The Chair, who will be the person holding the presidency of AVAP.
  • Vice-presidency: the person holding the regional secretariat responsible for higher education.
  • Social members, appointed for a period of two years, and made up of a representative of higher education institutions; a representative of the social councils of Valencian public universities; a business or professional representative; and three experts of recognised prestige in higher education, science, innovation or public services.
  • Members of the Generalitat, made up of the person holding the sub-secretariat of the regional ministry to which AVAP is attached; the person holding the regional secretariat responsible for the public business sector; the heads of the general directorates, or where appropriate the corresponding management body, responsible for higher education, science, business innovation, budgets and quality of public services.
  • Secretary: the person holding the general management of AVAP, who will abstain from voting on those issues in which his or her management is assessed.

Executive Committee

This is a subset of the Steering Committee and has the functions assigned to it by the Steering Committee, to which it reports regularly on its activities. It meets at the request of the President or of the majority of its members as often as necessary for the smooth running of the Agency. It also resolves the administrative appeals that may be lodged in accordance with general legislation against the resolutions and legal acts issued by the Director General in the exercise of his or her powers, thus putting an end to administrative proceedings.

The Executive Committee is made up of the following members of the Management Committee:

  • The Presidency.
  • The Vice-Presidency.
  • The person in charge of the sub-secretariat of the Regional Ministry to which AVAP is attached.
  • The heads of the general directorates responsible for higher education and science.
  • The Directorate General of AVAP, which acts as secretary of the committee.

General Direction

Javier Oliver Villarroya has been AVAP’s Director General since 16 September 2019.

The duties of the general management are, among others:

  • To assume the ordinary representation, administration and management of AVAP.
  • To direct the general running of AVAP and its staff, organising, promoting, coordinating and inspecting its services and departments.
  • To assume the technical and methodological direction of the actions to be carried out by AVAP.
  • Executing the agreements of the Management Committee.
  • To draw up the annual plan of activities, the preliminary draft budget of AVAP, the annual report, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account.
  • To sign contracts, agreements and conventions on behalf of AVAP and, in general, all powers relating to administrative contracts and private law.

The Management, Forecasting and Public Services Service and the Higher Education Quality and Innovation Service report to the AVAP General Directorate.

Head of Management, Forecasting and Public Services Service

Head of the Service for Quality in Higher Education and Innovation
Reyes Giner Escrihuela.