AVAP’s mission is to stimulate the excellence of the Valencian systems of higher education, innovation, and public services, through evaluation and foresight, to improve the society it serves.


Regarding the vision of AVAP, we want to be an internationally recognized agency for guaranteeing the quality of Valencian systems of higher education, R+D+i and public services through the objective, sustainable and independent implementation of European procedures and standards and international.

AVAP must generate relevant information on Valencian higher education systems, R+D+i and public services to become an irreplaceable reference for the society and the Valencian Government.


For the development of its activities, AVAP is always governed by the following values:

  • Independence in the fulfilment of its obligations and decision-making.
  • Objectivity in the issuance of its reports.
  • Transparency in its procedures, facilitating public access to the information in a fast, clear and detailed manner.
  • Sustainability in carrying out activities.
  • Quality assurance through a periodic internal and external evaluation of its processes, according to international standards that allow continuous improvement.
  • Personalized attention at the service of the needs and expectations of stakeholders.
  • Collaboration with agents and institutions linked to higher education and R+D+i of the Valencian Community and other territories to achieve common goals always through the culture of dialogue.
  • Cooperation with national and international organizations, agencies and networks with common interests.
  • Respect for agents and institutions linked to higher education and R+D+i, in special to its diversity and autonomy.
  • Efficiency to achieve the expected results in the expected time.
  • Efficiency to achieve its goals by optimizing available human and material resources.
  • Social responsibility through ethical, proactive behaviour and with the capacity to be accountable to society at any time.
  • Teamwork to promote synergies.